vat 24 December 2015 (Friday)  7.45 pm

“There is no salvation outside the Church” What does it really mean? Are all non Catholics going unsaved? What about people who call themselves Christians but are not in full communion with the Catholic Church? Is God that cruel to condemn all non-Christians to hell? If God is a loving God, shouldn’t everyone be saved no matter what their religious beliefs are? How about your friends and relatives who refuse to accept the Catholic faith fully? Can one be saved through invincible ignorance even after hearing about Jesus Christ?

Get the answers to these questions and more in this amazing talk by Kelvin Chia, a founder member of ACT. He is a professional lawyer who spends his time out of court playing with his 3 kids instead.

Venue: St Joseph’s Church Conference Room

Time: 7-45pm to 9.30pm

All are Welcome, FOC

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Enquiries: Andrew (96493893)

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