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Venue: St Joseph’s Church, Victoria Street. Conference Room

Date / Time: 26 February 2016, Friday / 7.45 pm to 9.30 pm

Three miraculous images which millions of Christians around the world are deeply devoted to are the Holy Shroud of Turin, Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Holy Face of Jesus Manoppello are the subject of this unique presentation. Various scientific theories are offered by science in an attempt to explain them, the “Acheiropoeta” (not made by human hands), a provocation to modern science.

Speaker: Ms Heather Goh
A wife, mother, teacher, and author, Heather teaches science at an international school and has a keen interest in the subject matter, especially after her pilgrimage to Manopello, Italy in 2011. She graduated with a degree in philosophy from NUS.

All are Welcome, free-of-charge

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