Time: 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm

Venue: Church of St Teresa Auditorium

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16 Aug 2016 – Biblicism: The Bible Alone Theory (Kelvin Chia)
Dealing with the Catholic interpretation of Holy Scripture, and its understanding of the transmission of the Word of God, this talk looks at errors of the Bible-alone Theory (Sola Scriptura) of interpreting Scripture.

23 Aug 2016 – The Church of Jesus Christ (Andrew Kong)
Laying the rational basis of why we are Catholics and not some other Christian denomination (Catholicism is not a denomination), this talk looks at the four marks of the Church of Jesus Christ.

30 Aug 2016 – The Holy Mass (David Teo)
The most important worship of the Catholic religion is the Holy Mass. Understanding the biblical and historical roots of the Mass, and the institution of the Sacrament of the Eucharist by Jesus Christ would help us appreciate and live the Mass as the Source and Summit of our spiritual life.

6 Sep 2016 – The Theology of the Body (Andrew Kong)
One of the most significant legacies of Pope Saint John Paul II to the Church and the world is his teaching on the Theology of the Body, understanding human love in the divine plan. With attacks on the family and marriage, a deeper understanding of human sexuality and anthropology as they relate to our faith is needed and the Theology of the Body has been seen by many as God’s plan to reverse the sexual revolution and revolutionise the Christian paradigm and its message of salvation.


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